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I attended a great talk by Jeff Sutherland (one of the founders of Scrum) in London last night, courtesy of JP Morgan and the ACCU.

For all those folks who missed it – you really would have learned some useful things by being there, I think.

For me, the undoubted highlight of Jeff’s talk was the copious amount of evidential data for the remarkable improvements in productivity (effectiveness) brought about by effective adoption of Agile methods, and Scrum in particular.

Another pleasure of attending such events is the opportunity to pick up some little nuggets of information not otherwise generally appreciated. Last night I learned that Scrum was expressly designed in part at least, on lessons learned from cellular biology and cancer research, and the Scrum team model is based on the way Toyota put their Prius product development team together. (Happy to explain further if anyone’s interested).

I would urge anyone interested in software development effectiveness to seek Jeff out and learn from his extensive practical experience.

Click here for slides - Agile Development in the Enterprise

- Bob


Note: The first Scrum team at Easel Corporation in 1993 was based directly on:
Takeuchi, Hirotaka; Nonaka, Ikujiro (January-February 1986). "The New New Product Development Game" (PDF). Harvard Business Review. At that time, the Prius team was not formed and the example used by Takeuchi and Nonaka for automobile production was Honda. Later work by Takeuchi describes Prius development based on the same model of team formation. See Hitotsubashi on Knowledge Management.