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Over the years, I have heard from many teams the need for a tool that helps accelerate the learning and the application of Scrum. Scrum Essential Cards, capture the key ideas behind Scrum, providing an easy and handy reference guide.

I worked with Ivar Jacobson International to leverage the Essence Industry standard to capture the essential elements. These essential elements are then presented as a set of cards: Scrum Essential Cards. Each card includes just a few sentences of the most important information from the Scrum Guide. This helps to keep the conversation on track and ensure important principles are not forgotten.

I use the cards in many of my Scrum training courses today and they prove to be very popular with both students and training partners. The cards add exercises and interactive games to enhance the learning experience.

Teams often represent their actual work items with the cards or sticky notes. These are placed on their team boards to visualize, prioritize, track and make decisions about the work. Using the cards as a means of representing key parts of Scrum gives the team the facility to work better together as a team.

If you want to accelerate your Scrum adoption and understanding, you can get your own Essential Scrum Cards here and bring the Scrum Guide to life. You can also read more about the kinds of games you can play, or come and experience them yourself at one of my training courses.