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Agile Education Scrum Program Launches With 41 Trainers In 12 Countries Serving 5 Continents 

Thanks to the positive response from the Agile, Scrum, and business communities, Scrum Inc. is proud to announce the first cohort of 41 Scrum Trainers (ST). Representing both established and currently underserved markets, this first cohort immediately establishes a worldwide presence for the Agile Education Program (AEP). 

The classes go well beyond theory. They combine the Scrum Framework with lean principles and known Scrum Patterns for high performing teams and enterprises. AEP classes also include lessons and case studies from Scrum@Scale implementations.

“The ability to successfully implement Scrum in the real-world is the cornerstone of our new Agile Education Program,” says Scrum Inc. CEO JJ Sutherland, “Each of these Scrum Trainers has a proven track record both as trainers and practitioners. Each has used the Scrum framework to successfully transform teams and organizations.” In short, JJ adds, “these Scrum Trainers know how to use the Scrum Framework to quickly create value for both customers and businesses. They know how to teach others to do the same. How to truly achieve the promise of Scrum - twice the work in half the time.”

A full list of the first Scrum Trainer Cohort can be found here.


Interested In Becoming a Scrum Trainer?

There are two paths for prospective applicants.

“This is a way to open more doors to qualified trainers,” explains Scrum co-creator and Scrum Inc founder Dr. Jeff Sutherland, “we want all who meet the rigorous criteria to be accepted. To become trainers. To help expand Scrum and help change the world.”

Trainers accepted into the Agile Education Program will have a track record of implementing Scrum within an organization. Further, they will be committed to 1) continuous improvement of their Scrum practice and Scrum training; 2) contributing to the knowledge-base of the Scrum community, and 3) changing people's lives for the better.

Interested In Attending A Scrum Training Class?

The Agile Education Program is designed to provide individuals and organizations with a clear path to implementing Scrum in a way that drives immediate business results and will ensure that Scrum has a lasting transformative impact on the world.

Find a full listing of public Scrum and Agile class offerings on the Agile Education website

Scrum Master classes

Product Owner classes

Agile Coach classes

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