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Scrum@Scale is a sponsor of Agile 2018. I am signing books and taking photos at the Scrum@Scale booth, 412.

At 2pm on Monday, I presented "Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management", in which I described how the Scrum@Scale framework enables linear scalability by creating a minimum viable bureaucracy.

You may view the slides for this talk here: Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management

A minimum viable bureaucracy is essential to doubling production when doubling the number of teams or getting twice the work in half the time with your current teams. You can't make this happen without descaling first, i.e. eliminating impediments that slow down your Scrum.  For real-world examples of Scrum@Scale implementations, you can view the open source case study library where Scrum@Scale trainers around the world share their experiences in scaling agile.  All of the case stories are released to the Scrum community under the CC4 license.  And, if you are ready to get started with Scrum@Scale the first step is to take a course from one of our trainers and become a practitioner.

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