Alex at a Product Owner WorkshopAlex Brown is Scrum Inc.’s resident expert and researcher of agile leadership; metrics and dashboards; advanced product ownership approaches; and Scrum-enhanced corporate strategy. He is currently developing a modular and object-oriented approach to scaling Scrum throughout an entire enterprise. The modular approach enables the framework to scale successfully across a broad range of contexts. Alex will present the approach in full detail at Agile 2014.

His passion and experience with these topics extends beyond his work as Chief Product Owner and COO of Scrum Inc. While at the Boston Consulting group, Alex worked with senior executives and leadership teams from Fortune 100 companies get the most from their business strategy through insight-driven Lean implementation. With Scrum Inc. he continues to work with corporations as holistic living entities by helping clients define their strategic vision for Scrum implementation, and training teams on how to execute and measure success.

Alex is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance and teaches a range of Scrum Inc.’s public and private classes.

Alex came to the Scrum and Agile world through the unusual path of management consulting and corporate strategy. Having lived corporate strategy and the creation of defensible competitive advantage for nearly a decade, Alex brings a unique perspective on both how senior leaders must adapt their management styles to succeed in an agile environment, and how companies can leverage agile techniques to dramatically outperform the competition. Alex is the author and lead trainer of Scrum Inc.’s agile leadership curriculum. He also advises leadership teams on how to get the most out of their Scrum implementation.

Alex is a firm believer that Scrum is about the pursuit of continuous improvement, and that one cannot improve something that cannot be measured. As such, he is passionate about putting the tremendous amount of great data that Scrum teams produce to good use. He set up Scrum Inc.’s internal metrics dashboard to automatically share key data transparently, and regularly experiments with additional new metrics to help teams, customers and leadership fine tune their Scrum. Alex frequently supports client companies with defining and setting up reporting tools to enhance their transparency. To help you get started on the right foot, Alex is writing a series of blog posts on how to start assembling your metrics dashboard. Check out the first two installments:

For a deeper dive on which metrics you should be tracking, tune into our online course The Scrum Leader’s Dashboard.


From his past work transforming companies, Alex has distilled and codified a framework for modularly scaling Scrum across the entire business enterprise, from driving strategic direction and investment decisions, through reporting financial results, to coordinating the output of agile and non-agile teams to remove roadblocks. The modular approach supports a greater range of company contexts than any one proscriptive approach can. Catch Alex and Jeff’s full approach to scaling Scrum using an object oriented architecture at Agile 2014 in Orlando.

Below Alex shares his vision for how Scrum can be applied to financial reporting.

Alex is the Chief Product Owner for Scrum Inc.’s internal operations and as a Certified Scrum Trainer teaches public and private Product Owner classes. In particular, he specializes in bringing advanced portfolio management and strategic marketing techniques to the Product Owner role. Specific focus areas include:

    • Business Value Estimation using standard financial tools (click here for the online course)
    • Effective Release Planning (click here for the online course)
    • Strategic marketing and customer segmentation (click here for the online course)
    • Discovery based product design

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Source: Alex Brown’s Advanced Product Owner workshop.