Agile Defense

Agile Defense applies from the battlefield to the boardroom: 

In 2010 the Defense Acquisitions Act made Agile software development the law of the land for Defense Contractors. But both the DoD and the contractor community are struggling to figure out how to make it work in an ossified system that often requires traditional waterfall reporting.

And, in 2007 Gen. David Petraeus reversed the course of the Iraq war by using small, cross-functional teams to break the back of Al Qaeda in Iraq. He did this by pushing decisions down to the platoon and even to the squad level on the streets of Baghdad.

This online course will show you how Scrum has been used by war-fighters and in the corridors of the Pentagon. You will learn how to handle Agile procurement and contracts in a Defense setting. This course is for both contractors and acquisition professionals.

Join Scrum Inc. CEO, West Point Graduate, and former Fighter Pilot Jeff Sutherland and Scrum Inc.’s JJ Sutherland, who covered the Pentagon and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than decade for NPR, for this hour long class on Agile Defense.

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