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Unlocking Agile Podcast

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It’s time to unlock the power of Agile for your team and organization.

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What To Expect

Experts, authors, changemakers, case studies, and real-world ways to ensure Agile works for your organization. Each episode examines a specific topic and the practical steps you can take to achieve better results starting now. After all, what’s the point of business agility if it doesn’t lead to better results.

From proven patterns for success to leadership, scaling, metrics, empowerment, change management, and product structure, Unlocking Agile gives you the keys to innovate, adapt, and thrive.

Latest Episode

16. Creating an Agile Ecosystem with Saraounia Mboka-Boyer

Agile isn’t something you do, it’s a way of being.  And when we have enabling environments that support this vision,  true change can happen.  In this episode of Unlocking Agile, Bobby talks with Saraounia Mboka-Boyer on the importance of creating an agile ecosystem at the enterprise level at the very beginning of any transformation.

Episode 16    |    23 min

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Meet Your Host

Bobby Woods

Bobby Woods

Enterprise Agile Consultant, Scrum Inc.

About Robert ‘Bobby’ Woods: Bobby started his journey supporting ITSM environments and Systems Engineering. He specializes in pragmatic and practical application of Agile concepts as a holistic approach to company-wide agility. Bobby is an international speaker, coach, podcaster, and author on topics ranging from Business Agility, Leadership, and Team Facilitation to Agile Security and Iterative Change Management.

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Scrum Spotlight: Saraounia Mboka-Boyer

This month, we are proud to spotlight Saraounia Mboka-Boyer, a visionary, and trailblazer at the intersection of social impact and agility. She utilizes the power of Agile frameworks to drive positive social change, empowering underserved and underrepresented communities worldwide to unlock innovation, resilience, and efficiency.

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