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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Value Stream Mapping allows your Team to visualize and socialize areas of efficiency and inefficiency across the whole process. The Team can then quickly identify and prioritize the most valuable improvements to customer visible value,...

Agile Architecture

Agile Architecture It takes a change in mindset to do it, but Agile Architecture speeds-up development and innovation. The co-creator of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland, and the founder of Team WIKISPEED, Joe Justice, two of the industry’s thought leaders in this area, explain...

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Retrospective The Sprint Retrospective, the last ceremony in the Sprint, takes place after the Sprint Review and before the next Sprint Planning. The meeting should be time-boxed to no more than an hour per week of Sprint length. The Scrum Master facilitates...

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