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Scrum In
Design + Construction

Why Scrum In Design + Construction

A Better Way To Design, Plan, and Build

Agile and Scrum are revolutionizing Design + Construction. From mega-projects and infrastructure to commercial buildings and residential construction, Scrum projects are safer and consistently come in under budget and early. Embracing agility improves owner satisfaction, quality, collaboration, and important metrics like average tool time by decreasing waste and costly delays.

We understand that tradespeople, no matter their field, take great pride in their work. You’ve taken years, sometimes decades, mastering your craft. You want to take part in creating the extraordinary. Scrum in Design + Construction leads to better outcomes, happier employees and partners, and higher profits for contractors and subcontractors alike. Deliver quality on-time, on budget, and better.


Real-World Success

Boosting Productivity by 200% or More

Accurate cost estimations are both crucial and complex. A small error can mean the difference between a profitable project with a happy owner and a late, over-budget disaster. Therefore, construction estimation teams must be efficient and effective especially given current trends like fixed-bid projects.

This is why one such team at McCarthy Building Companies decided to implement Scrum. Before they started, they could successfully manage two or three projects simultaneously. In short order, they were using Scrum to successfully manage all the tasks on a large healthcare patient bed tower project while simultaneously managing up to six smaller projects ranging in size from half a million to several million dollars in value.

Now, just three years on, they can successfully manage nine simultaneous projects. That’s a 200%-350% increase in productivity achieved with the same personnel. And they work fewer hours than before.

Design + Construction Specific Thought Leadership

Our Steel and Sticky Notes Blog Series and More

Steel and Sticky Notes Part 1: Alignment

Steel and Sticky Notes Part 1: Alignment

The use of Scrum in the Design and Construction industry continues to grow. But some companies are not sure where – or how to start. This series answers those questions through the example of a massive project being built now in Sacramento.

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11 Simple Steps to Launch Your Scrum in Construction Pilot

11 Simple Steps to Launch Your Scrum in Construction Pilot

11 Simple Steps to Launch Your Scrum in Construction Pilot by Felipe Engineer-Manriquez | August 26, 2020 | Blog Scrum is a team framework that allows complex projects to be delivered with adaptation yet supports people to both productively and creatively produce work...

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Scrum Inc.’s Dee Rhoda and a panel of industry and Agile experts from around the globe explore how and why Design + Construction projects done with Scrum are safer, come in under budget, and finish early. We also share strategies you can implement right now to give you an advantage and take the lead in your market.

Additional Resources

What Others Are Saying About Scrum In Design + Construction

Visualizing machine cogs fitting into place. The concept of a business idea, teamwork, strategy, cooperation, and creativity.

Scrum in Front-End Planning: ABInBev Capital Project

ABInBev produced a case study on a Scrum implementation during the Front-End Planning phase of a capital project. Using Scrum, the team was able to reduce the $50 million total project value by 15% with no significant changes in project scope. Interdependence between team members in the accomplishment of their tasks, resulting in an overall increase in the quality of product delivered. A universal theme among all team members was that Scrum dramatically increases the accountability of the team collectively and the individual team members.

Read the full case study.

Ollio The Building Performance Consultancy logo

Cemetery Road Baptist Church – Sheffield, England

Cemetery Road Baptist Church engaged in Ollio’s Agile Methods process to re-imagine what a modern church needs to be. Nowadays, CRBC are looking at ways to stay relevant to their community.  Modern UK life is more secular. The CRBC response has been to assist ethnic migrant Christians coming to the UK. But now they are asking “What about our local communities?” How can we connect with them to establish relevance against the backdrop of declining membership in modern more secular society. 

Read the case study from Ollio, The Building Performance Consultancy 

Lean IPD Blog feature on Scrum in Design + Construction

The Secret to Gaining Market Advantage in the Construction Industry

Are you one of those people who think that Scrum is for a bunch of software nerds who sit around programming all day? Maybe it’s time to shift your perspective.

Scrum has returned to its roots making waves in other industries from oil and gas to consumer products, and the military. Apart from the US Army, companies such as Tesla and Google use agile delivery methods to improve their project delivery.

Scrum is now entering design and construction with early adopters gaining market advantage.

Read this blog featured on Lean IPD.

Ollio The Building Performance Consultancy logo

Destination For Creatives – Sheffield, England

In this case study Ollio worked with Kollider Music, and its future tenant customers Barclays Eagle Labs, TMI The Writers collective to create a new destination for writers, musicians and producers of music. The project was a critical component of the success of the Kollider venture in Sheffield to bring a tech innovation hub to the city. Using Agile, they sparked something that all involved thought was truly special.

Read the case study from Ollio, The Building Performance Consultancy 

The EBFC (Easier, Better, For Construction) Show

Featured on the The EBFC (Easier, Better For Construction) Podcast

Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Scrum Inc. Principal, Dee Rhoda, share why design & construction companies are implementing Scrum to gain market advantage, honor people to increase pride in work well done, drive towards desired outcomes, deliver projects on-time, deliver on-budget, and better meet customer expectations. Listen to the podcast.


Understanding The Basics Of Scrum

Scrum allows you and your Scrum Team to inspect and adapt your product, process, and plans more quickly. This short video explains the basic 3-5-3 structure of the Scrum Framework.

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Read The Scrum Guide

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams, and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. The 13 page Scrum Guide explains each element of the framework and how they fit together.

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Download your free comparison of what Scrum, Lean, and traditional project management can do in Design + Construction.

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Scrum Inc. is the global authority on Scrum, the most widely used Agile framework. We pioneered the use of Scrum beyond the information technology sector. Our customizable approach delivers real-world success in diverse industries, sectors, and functions. Our customizable approach leads to better results starting now.