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Preparing for a Scrum Course or Training

Prior to your scrum course, please be familiar with the basic definitions, roles and artifacts of Scrum.

What to read.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Scrum the Book is the definitive story of the origin of the Scrum Framework.

The Basics of Scrum

Download or print this eight page PDF primer on the core Scrum framework.

The Power of Scrum

This fictional narrative about a Scrum implementation can be purchased on Amazon.

Agile Manifesto

Be familiar with the Agile Manifesto and the 12 principles that articulate the Agile mind-set. Both are available on AgileManifesto.org.

What to know.

Click the play icons to see a detailed, multi-media explanation of each element of the Scrum Framework

What to watch.

In the short video below, Jeff covers basic Scrum.


Class Logistics


We will provide continental breakfast (8:30 – 9:00 am), in addition to all-day coffee, beverages and snacks. Lunch is a solo adventure. Following the first day of class, we invite all participants to stay and attend a 5:00 pm reception with Jeff and the Scrum Inc. team. Beer, wine and snacks are on us.


All attendees will receive a letter of acknowledgement signed by Jeff stating that you have completed this course. Additionally, this course qualifies you for 16 PDUs. After the course email info@scruminc.com to learn how to claim your credits online. Upon completion of the course you will be registered for certification with the Scrum Alliance. Following the class, an email with your login and temporary password will be sent from the Scrum Alliance. Please add the email address “system@scrumalliance.org” to your contacts to ensure that you receive the welcome email from the Scrum Alliance. This email frequently ends up in spam folders.


No, you will not need a computer. In fact, we encourage you to turn off your devices during class.


There is no dress code. Most attendees wear business casual, jeans are fine. We suggest layers in the event the room temperature becomes uncomfortable for you.

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