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Scrum at Scale: Patterns and Resources

This page will help you craft and submit your scaling pattern.  All submissions are published in the public library of patterns for anyone to view, and we encourage you to submit your patterns — no matter how small or large or successful. If you are not familiar with...
Scrum Master At Scale Training

Scrum Master At Scale Training

Registered Scrum Master@Scale™ CLASS DESCRIPTION Being an effective Scrum Master at Scale requires exceptional organizational aptitude, and to perform across multiple teams requires an even greater skill set spanning leadership, analytics, and interpersonal...

Scrum@Scale for Government Webinar

Scrum@Scale for Government: Getting the Most out of Agile Innovate. Respond. Deliver. This free webinar explores how public servants and contracting partners can truly achieve all that Agile promises while meeting the unique requirements of the government and highly...
The Spotify Model and Scrum@Scale

The Spotify Model and Scrum@Scale

Spotify and Scrum@Scale With its Tribes, Squads, Chapters, and Guilds, streaming music service Spotify instituted a workflow now the envy of many companies. The ‘Spotify Model’ as it’s now known, dramatically increases innovation and productivity while balancing...