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Full-Stack Web Developer

Our mission at Scrum Inc. is to fundamentally change the way the world gets work done. We provide training, consulting, and coaching to help companies create more productive and happier workplaces. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies who use Scrum to reinvent the way they deliver products, shape their organization, and drive stakeholder value.

We are building a Scrum training platform where instructors from all over the world can list Scrum courses, and where students can register for those courses, interact with trainers, consume online educational content and more.  This platform is being built from the ground up, separately from our existing website.  To accomplish this goal we’re looking to add an additional experienced full-stack web developer to our team.

Interested in this job?

Send us your resume and examples.

 You have:

  • A mindset consistent with the core Scrum Values: openness, courage, respect, focus, commitment
  • Thoughtful communication skills; you can explain anything to anyone
  • Experience and passion for web development including expertise in both frontend and backend development (experience with AWS and/or Google Cloud is a plus)
  • A commitment to continuous improvement
  • A drive to build something inspiring and lasting

We have:

  • Opportunities to work with the best, most experienced Scrum teams on the planet at the company led by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum
  • A work environment that combines the best aspects of collaboration and autonomy
  • A rapidly growing company that is continuously looking to evolve
  • Generous pay and benefits (full health and dental, unlimited vacation, retirement plan, etc.), professional development opportunities and company-based profit sharing

How we work:

  • We do Scrum.  We strive to live the Scrum values and to continuously improve as individuals, as teams and as a company.   
  • We work from anywhere and everywhere.  Our web team is five people in 4 different states.  Our main office is in Boston, but you are welcome to work from home, or in the office as you like.  Once every 3 months we get together, in person, as a company for a 2-day quarterly gathering.
  • We work collaboratively.  We encourage pairing and knowledge sharing via tools like zoom, slack and flow.
  • We value happiness.  We view the happiness of our team members as the primary leading indicator of team performance and prioritize it accordingly.

What we would do together:

  • We’d like to work with you as a paid contractor on a trial basis to produce a minimal web application over the course of a single sprint.
  • If that goes well we’d like you to join our team as a full-time employee so that we can work together to build and grow the world’s best digital Scrum training experience over the coming years

Interested? Please send us:

  • An example of a website / web application that you’ve built with a brief summary of the technology used, any specific technological challenges that you encountered and how you overcame them.
  • An example of an algorithm that you’ve written that you are particularly proud of and brief commentary on why it’s awesome
  • A resume

Scrum, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to diversity.  Our goal as a company is to help the entire world work better across cultures, countries, and industries. As a company we believe that creating an open and inclusive environment that is welcoming to all is a key to achieving that goal.

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