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XM+CSM - Seattle


Our eXtreme Manufacturing Certified Scrum Master class covers all of the curriculum required by the Scrum Alliance to award the Certified Scrum Master credential. After completing the class, all participants will receive an email invitation to take the certification exam. For more on Scrum Alliance certification, visit

Whether you are interested in building and launching a new product, or want to level-up you agile skill set, the XM+CSM course will put you ahead of the curve. This class goes beyond theory, giving you the chance to take what you learn and immediately put it to use. We combine basic Scrum principles with advance agile practices to create an intense hands-on experience applying the theory to physical product development. Participants will build a car from end-to-end and learn how to:

-architect products in modules so that you can iterate faster

-leverage manufacturing technique that minimize switching cost

-organize physical product team like agile software teams

When: August 21-22, 2014

Where: WIKISPEED Shop, 21001 44th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Who should attend: Hardware/Product Developers, R&D teams, software developers that coordinate with hardware teams, managers of product development groups that want to explore fundamentally new methods to delivering, embedded software team members.

eXtreme Manufacturing combines elements of Scrum, XP, and Object-Oriented Architecture back into a manufacturing and hardware environment.

Scrum provides the basic framework for XM teams. We borrow the Scrum practice of small and cross-functional teams working iteratively in sprints. XM employs Scrum tools (such as a kanban board and a product backlog) to maintain transparency. It uses the Lean concept of continuous improvement and the Scum practice of measuring process improvement through velocity.

eXtreme Programing (XP) has influenced many XM best practices:

-User stories help drive develop from an end-user perspective.

-Pairing allows a small team to swarm on a particular task, while cross-training employees and building quality control into the manufacturing process.

-Test Driven Development, or TDD, dramatically speeds up time-to-market and lower development costs. Team WIKISPEED for example used real-time crash test data to build a computer program that simulates an actual crash test. They were able to save millions of dollars in crash tests by simulating them each Sprint. After a number of Sprints accumulating data, WIKISPEED pays for another physical test. The new information is then used to up-date the computer simulation. This lowers material costs since WIKISPEED doesn’t have to destroy a car each time they want to test it and it reduces production costs because crash tests are expensive.

Object-Oriented Architecture greatly reduces the cost of change to XM products through:

-Modularity allows for innovative design while building on iterative development. It prevents engineering challenges from rippling through the entire design. For example, the Team WIKISPEED car is divided into eight modules, which allows the team to change the suspension system, speedometer or car body at any point and not have to tweak the chassis to make the improved components fit.

-Contract First Design: As manufacturing matures, more and more customers are insisting on custom designs. XM embraces customization before the manufacturing process even starts. For example, WIKISPEED takes only custom orders of its commuter cars and is able to easily meet each customer’s need because of the car’s modularity.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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Refund Policy
You will receive a 90% refund if you cancel more than 7 days before the course. If you cancel within 7 days of the course, we will give you a credit to take a future course (no cash value).



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