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Agile and Scrum are changing the workplace. We pioneered that change. Scrum Inc. has helped organizations and individuals succeed at every step of their Agile journey.
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Live. Interactive. Online. Learn Scrum remotely from those who helped create it. Participate via our live, virtual sessions, our self-driven on-demand training, or both to fortify your understanding of key concepts.

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Remote work creates unique challenges for any organization. But the right structure, system, and tools turn that challenge into an opportunity. We have successfully partnered with organizations large and small to make remote work a competitive advantage.


Our transformation clients become agile powerhouses that deeply understand their customers, radically improve their organizational health, and pivot rapidly to changing market demands.

map, keyboard, binary code: Learn Scrum Online


We offer Scrum courses and custom Scrum training. See our Training page for more details. Find a class now. Or explore ways to Learn Scrum Online.


Our Leadership Workshops are interactive, customized one-day sessions that provide the background, tools, and metrics that an agile executive needs to understand business agility from a C-Suite perspective.

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When a business-critical project is at risk, it’s time for a new way of working. Scrum Inc. consultants can help you get things back on track and drive your project to DONE.

Change Management Process: Turn Detractors Into Advocates

That people’s initial reaction to change is resistance is well known. That is one reason effective change management is critical if your organizational refactoring is to succeed. Scrum Inc.’s Michael Simmons details ways to turn detractors into advocates.

Understanding Increments (And How To Decompose Backlog To Deliver Value Fast)

The concept of an Increment is deceptively straightforward. If you just focus on the obvious you can miss some extremely important facets. Scrum Inc.’s McCaul Baggett examines why creating a usable Increment each Sprint is critical to success, and how to decompose backlogs to ensure you’re delivering value.

Leadership’s Increment: Balancing The Strategic And Tactical

Effective leadership is critical for any organization. But what can a leadership team deliver in a single Sprint? What are their Increments? Scrum Inc.’s Matthew Jacobs explores how leadership can identify their Increments and how they can balance the strategic and tactical nature of their work.

It Just Won’t Work: Dispelling The Myth Of Agile In Shared Services

The reasons are many; their work is too fluid; too dynamic. They don’t support a single project. They are a different animal. Scrum Inc.’s Robert Woods regularly hears these concerns from Shared Services teams. It’s time to dispel these myths.

People & Culture: Better, Bit By Bit – Delivering Useable Increments

Problem: We needed a new compensation system… In this article will we explore how to create something workable in increments, but also how creating and iterating in this way has the added bonus of helping with change management!

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