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Agile and Scrum are changing the workplace. We pioneered that change. Scrum Inc. has helped organizations and individuals succeed at every step of their Agile journey.
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Live. Interactive. Online. Learn Scrum remotely from those who helped create it. Participate via our live, virtual sessions, our self-driven on-demand training, or both to fortify your understanding of key concepts.

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Remote work creates unique challenges for any organization. But the right structure, system, and tools turn that challenge into an opportunity. We have successfully partnered with organizations large and small to make remote work a competitive advantage.


Our transformation clients become agile powerhouses that deeply understand their customers, radically improve their organizational health, and pivot rapidly to changing market demands.

map, keyboard, binary code: Learn Scrum Online


We offer Scrum courses and custom Scrum training. See our Training page for more details. Find a class now. Or explore ways to Learn Scrum Online.


Our Leadership Workshops are interactive, customized one-day sessions that provide the background, tools, and metrics that an agile executive needs to understand business agility from a C-Suite perspective.

globally recognized agile education program


The Agile Education Program (AEP) credentials a global community of Scrum practitioners and educators in both team-level Scrum and Scrum@Scale™ to teach our industry recognized curriculum worldwide.

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Don’t Just Survive an Organization Change, Thrive on the Opportunity

Organizational change is difficult, disruptive, and often scary. Yet change requires a lot of people engaged and committed to it to be successful. Scrum Inc.’s Dan LeFebvre explains how to approach organizational change in a way that improves the odds of success.

What is Your Personal Cost of Delay?

We each have an inner critic. And they can be paralyzing. Still, as Scrum Inc.’s Brian Hackerson explains, we must learn to listen to that inner critic in order to change it to an inner advocate. Reducing the time it takes to make that switch works the same way as reducing decision latency in a Scrum Team or Agile organization.

Home Hospital Accelerator: Spreading Acute Care at Home

Creating a program that allows some patients to receive acute hospital-level care at home is one way to improve patient experience and reduce the potential risks of hospitalization. A group of 23 hospitals and healthcare systems have partnered to optimize home hospital care and they’re using Scrum in their accelerator.

Business Agility – The Intersection of Outcomes and Efficiency

There is a debate In the global Agile coaching and training community about whether we should focus on the outcomes or efficiency of teams. Dr. Jeff Sutherland weighs in on this debate and he explains an effective way to measure business agility.

What To Do When Managers Ask, “What Happened To My Job?”

What To Do When Managers Ask, “What Happened To My Job?” by Jessica Jagoditsh | October 1, 2021 | Blog As HR and People Operations leaders, especially if we are an Agile organization or if we are going through an Agile transformation, we start to notice that roles and...

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From Fortune 100 companies to the newest of start-ups, Scrum Inc. transforms companies into Agile enterprises. The market changes fast. We can build innovation into your process.

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