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Version One Webinar: Getting to Done

Version One Webinar: Getting to Done

In conjunction with the release of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, Jeff paid a visit to Version One in Atlanta. During multiple sessions, the same question kept surfacing: What is the biggest impediment to running a successful Scrum? The answer: getting to done. The second value of the Agile Manifesto is working software over comprehensive documentation. Teams struggle to get fully functional and tested software at the end of a sprint.

Version One asked Jeff if he could share this insight with the Agile community. Below is the webinar that Version One sponsored. In it, Jeff goes into great detail on how to get to done.


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Scaling Scrum: The Workshop

Scrum-EntInfographic-FINAL7-cropAre you concerned that cookie-cutter scaling methods won’t work in your company’s situation? Context is everything, and even methodologies that work very well in one context may fail spectacularly in another. The solution is to understand the principles behind successful scaling and have a common language to discuss these principles within the organization.

Join Scrum Inc. and Scrum Events for a daylong workshop on scaling Scrum beyond the team level and throughout the enterprise. Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown will present and discuss the modular Scrum at Scale framework, which unlike other proscriptive methodologies allows for context-specific solutions to scaling. The modular architecture of the framework enables organizations to incrementally inspect and adapt their own structure without causing system-wide consequences. Participants will then work collaboratively through their organization’s unique scaling challenges.

This workshop will:

-Lay out the business case for a modular scaling framework

-Present an overall vision for modular scaled Scrum that spans the Team, Business Unit, and Enterprise levels to link vision with effective execution

-Share specific examples of different successful practices within each module

-Help attendees to work through their own scaling challenges in the context of the framework

Participants will not leave this session with a cookie-cutter answer for large-scale Scrum implementations. However, they will leave with tailored progress towards their scaling solution, and the experience will equip them to lead a productive conversation of what the organization really needs from scaling Scrum.

The course will be held in Munich with Scrum Events. Click here to register!

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Extreme Manufacturing Yellow Belt Class

Extreme Manufacturing Yellow Belt Class

Accelerate all of your company with Joe Justice, the creator of eXtreme Manufacturing. Together we will practice with attendees how to set up new teams, collaborate with remote teams, stay in sync across a wide portfolio of backlogs, and work as cross functional teams with generalizing specialists. We’ll get technical too, with Test First Design for non-software and software work, Contract First Design, and Object Oriented Architecture for rapid innovation work.

This session is perfect fit for software practitioners, those new to Agile methods who may benefit from a hands-on example, and those looking for concrete practices to apply Agile beyond software delivery teams, such as leadership, HR, finance, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and research.

Join Joe for a full day tutorial at Agile Testing Days on Monday November 10, 2014. Click here to register.

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“Scrum” Book Tour Events

Scrum Book Cover

Silicon Valley 10/7
Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network presents:
Disruptive Leadership: The Power of Scrum


Atlanta 10/13
VersionOne presents:
An Agile Community Event with Jeff Sutherland, co-Creator of Scrum


London 10/21-22
BBC World Service - Business Daily
Sky News - Ian King Live
Monocle Radio - The Entrepreneurs


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