Scrum Inc. Class PrepScrum Inc. Class PrepiStock_000027015790_MediumWelcome to Scrum Inc. and thank you for your enrollment. You are now a member of our online community. Not only have you signed-up for a two-day course taught by the man who started the first Scrum Team but you also have access to ScrumLab, a library of Scrum resources.  We hope that we can not only introduce you to the Scrum framework but provide continuing education resources so you can have the most successful Scrum implementation and practice possible.


What You Need to Know Before Class

We recommend you read thoroughly both the The Basics of Scrum, an eight page primer on the core Scrum framework, and The Power of Scrum, a fictional narrative about a Scrum implementation. These two resources, along with the info-graphic in the previous tab will give you the minimum knowledge necessary to have a successful class. The more detailed Scrum Handbook is also a helpful guide. 

You should also be familiar with the Agile Manifesto, a statement of four values and 12 principles that articulate the Agile mind-set.

If you are interested in the class curriculum you can download the slides below:

CSM Slides

CSPO Slides

If you are looking for more materials the Scrum Papers, a collection of white papers published by Jeff Sutherland that explains the framework in greater detail, is helpful.

Listed below are some of the first papers written on Scrum.

The First Scrum

Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D. PatientKeeper, Inc., 2004

Scrum- A Pattern Language for Software Development

M. Beedle, M. Devos, Y. Sharon, K. Schwaber, and J. Sutherland, vol. 4, N. Harrison, Ed. Boston: Addison-Wesley, 1999, pp. 637-651.

The Scrum Development Process

K. Schwaber, "Scrum Development Process," in OOPSLA Business Object Design and Implementation Workshop, J. Sutherland, D. Patel, C. Casanave, J. Miller, and G. Hollowell, Eds. London: Springer, 1997


We will provide continental breakfast (8:30 - 9:00 am), in addition to all-day coffee, beverages and snacks. Lunch is a solo adventure.

Following the first day of class, we invite all participants to stay and attend a 5:00 pm reception with Jeff and the Scrum Inc. team. Beer, wine and snacks are on us.


All attendees will receive a letter of acknowledgement signed by Jeff stating that you have completed this course. Additionally, this course qualifies you for 16 PDUs. After the course email to learn how to claim your credits online.

Upon completion of the course you will be registered for certification with the Scrum Alliance. Following the class, an email with your login and temporary password will be sent from the Scrum Alliance. Please add the email address "" to your contacts to ensure that you receive the welcome email from the Scrum Alliance. This email frequently ends up in spam folders.


No, you will not need a computer. In fact, we encourage you to turn off your laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. during class.


There is no dress code.  Most attendees wear business casual, jeans are fine.  We suggest layers in the event the room temperature becomes uncomfortable for you.

After the class you will be equipped to field any questions about the core Scrum framework. In order to be certified you will have to pass a test administered by the Scrum Alliance.  Our FAQ has all the details.

However,  you will probably be even more curious about Scrum and the Agile mindset after the class than before. We encourage you to use ScrumLab  to explore deeper questions you may have. If you are interested in continuing a relationship with Scrum Inc., we update ScrumLab weekly with compelling content about how to get the most out of Scrum. We also host an online course the last Wednesday of every month that delves into the current state of the art.  And, of course we are always happy to provide you with any custom services you may need. 


The Scrum Inc. Team.