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How Scrum Works: Scrum Framework

Scrum is a simple framework to boost productivity and deliver products that will delight your customers.

It does this by breaking the complex into smaller, component parts. Scrum Teams then focus on tackling one piece at a time. After each incremental step the Scrum team re-evaluates what direction the product should take and what process is most efficient to accomplish that.

Scrum allows you and your Scrum team to inspect and adapt your product, process and plans more quickly.

An easy way to remember all the key elements of Scrum is this: 3 – 5 – 3

We unpack this and more in the video. Enjoy!

Learn Scrum Online

Scrum Startup for Teams is the best way to learn Scrum online. The curriculum and content was developed in collaboration with the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. Learn the fundamentals of Scrum in empirically-based lessons informed by the latest research and real-world experience. This is online training from the source.