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Agility in the Military and After

From Service to Agility: Honoring Veterans' Journeys at Scrum Inc.

At Scrum Inc., we are proud to support veterans in their post-military journey. As a veteran-owned organization, we know how crucial it is for the business world to support service men and women.

Our founder, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, is a combat veteran and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Today, our workforce includes a significant number of veterans from both the United States and the United Kingdom military. As well, we are currently introducing and optimizing agile initiatives in government organizations and military operations. We share the same goal: to help people get more impactful work done faster, while embodying the scrum values of commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage.

Join us in celebrating these extraordinary Scrum's and their journey to agility, Scrum, and Scrum Inc. We are proud to let them share their story, in their own words, and inspire other military personnel. These individuals embody the core values of teamwork, adaptability, and discipline.

We know those who serve their country deserve our respect, gratitude, and support,” says Scrum Inc. CEO JJ Sutherland, “We take pride in honoring that service and sacrifice.

As an Agile Coach and Registered Scrum Trainer at Scrum Inc., I'm currently leading a transformative journey in agriculture. My focus centers on prioritization through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), aligning the vision statement with daily Backlog seamlessly.

My background includes military service in the Marine Corps' Blue Diamond Band as a Clarinet instrumentalist. I contributed to ceremonies, graduations, and national recruiting efforts, shaping my dedication.

The DOD SkillBridge Program introduced me to Scrum and Scrum Inc., and I couldn't be more grateful for the program's guidance. I thrive in an innovative culture, surrounded by inspiring minds that sharpen my coaching skills. Collaborating with colleagues committed to reducing workplace stress is invigorating. Together, we drive global change and witnessing daily progress fuels my excitement to get to work everyday.

Jackson Walbridge

Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant

As a transformation consultant and coach at Scrum Inc. in the UK. I lead Agile transformations, working closely with military and civil servant personnel to train teams for organizational Agility. Previously, as rear crew I flew in Merlin helicopters in the UK Royal Navy, an contributed to critical operations such as evacuating Afghan nationals post-Taliban.

Joining Scrum Inc. was driven by my desire to bring the powerful operational rhythm of Agile and Scrum into everyday work life. This shift mirrors the successful battle rhythm of the UK military and its continuous planning, delivery, and review cycle.

It's a privilege to contribute to the military once more, this time through Scrum Inc, infusing operational effectiveness into its practices at home in the UK and further strengthening its vital role in defense.

George Glennie

Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant

As a Principal Consultant at Scrum Inc. UK, specializing in Government and Defense clients in the US and UK. Over a decade, I've guided prime contractors and government bodies toward Agile practices in compliance-driven settings.

I began my career as a Fuel Petroleum Specialist in the US Army. In a division of a global company, I transitioned into Program Management in Upstate, New York. When the company embarked on an Agile transformation I fully embraced Agility and an agile mindset \\\\ honing my coaching skills alongside engineers over five years.

The Scrum Inc. team played a crucial role in this journey, providing upskilling and coaching. They were the consultants onsite undertaking the transformation. Witnessing Scrum's impact on productivity, value delivery, and morale led me to join the Scrum Inc. team.

Jessica Crowley

Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant

As an enterprise transformation consultant and coach at Scrum Inc. in the UK. Currently, I'm a key member of the team driving the agile transformation program for the UK's Royal Navy. Our mission is to empower the organization to excel in an evolving landscape.

With 20 years of military service in the UK Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, I gained valuable insights into agility and adaptability. As a Commanding Officer, I led critical border protection operations off Australia's Northern coasts.

Transitioning to the corporate sector, I spent six years leading agile transformations. Discovering Scrum Inc., I was drawn to its values, which mirror the principles guiding my military service. These values align seamlessly with my passion for driving positive change and continuous improvement.

James Edmondson

Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant

As an Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant, I primarily support UK public sector clients in leveraging agility to tackle strategic challenges.

My 37 year career in the Royal Navy included numerous operational tours, command of a helicopter squadron, three years with the United States Navy and tours with the Royal Air Force, Joint Forces Command and Defence Equipment and Support.

My final role led the Agile Transformation of a Royal Naval Air Station with Scrum Inc. We harnessed Scrum and Scrum at Scale to infuse operational agility into shore-based processes. Witnessing improved engagement, transparency, collaboration, and reduced bureaucracy is why I'm passionate about my work at Scrum Inc. The impact we create with clients is truly inspiring.

Martin Barlow

Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant

As the Director of Military Partnerships and Strategy at Scrum Inc., I am focused on enhancing defense partnerships and fostering agility. Guiding organizations to improve continuously, I create clear visions and develop capabilities using process improvement tools. Expanding education for service members, families, and veterans is my priority.

With 24 years in the US Army, I led transformations, achieved program improvements, and met policy goals. Coordinating retired medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted years of work for mission success.

Transitioning, I sought a career as an adaptive leader driving innovative solutions. Through the DOD SkillBridge Program, I found Scrum Inc., joining as an intern turned employee, embracing continuous learning in dynamic environments.

As agile practices are growing globally both in government and in enterprise. There is an increasing demand for the best Agile talent both in leading companies and in the military. Scrum practices with scrum training create a ready force to change how to get things to done.

Catherine E. Murillo

Director of Military Partnerships and Strategy