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I'm using the XP Game in ScrumMaster classes and many people want to know the orgins of the game and how to obtain materials. The full game can be downloaded from the site below. We use a short version of the XP Game to show how Scrum teams can improve estimation, determine the velocity of their teams, and generate "ba" which is the team spirit seen at Toyota on the Prius project.

XP.BE - The XP Game

Want to learn about...

* the planning game?
* velocity?
* story estimation?
* short releases?
* making predictable plans?
* how to explain these things in your company?

Want to...

* play the planning game? (...but maybe in another role)
* feel the velocity of your team?
* see it work?
* let both business people and developers experience it?
* have fun?

The XP Game is a playful way to familiarize the players with some of the more difficult concepts of the XP Planning Game, like velocity, story estimation, yesterday’s weather and the cycle of life. Anyone can participate. The goal is to make development and business people work together, they both play both roles. It’s especially useful when a company starts adopting XP.

Want to know more?

Then you're ready to go to the detailed description. Or, if you want to, you can go immediately to the download center. Did you already play it? Enter all your feedback in the evaluation form. Read testimonials of people who played it.

The XP Game is developed by Vera Peeters (Tryx) and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe (Nayima).

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