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The question is how do you make things twice as fast, in half the time with better quality? For years, the answer in software has been Scrum. Software is one thing, but how do you do it with stuff? Physical things. How do you manufacture a car, or a printer, or a medical device using Scrum?

Scrum Inc. is proud to announce that they’ve figured it out. Joe Justice, the founder of WIKISPEED, has joined the Scrum Inc. team to help deliver Agile results to manufacturing companies. “Team WIKISPEED can build a car in a matter of hours,” says Joe Justice. “We use Scrum to make that happen. By joining the team at Scrum Inc. I think we can take that to the world. Even more awesome, we can teach you how to do it.”

“Joe has broken new ground using Scrum in manufacturing,” says Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum and the CEO of Scrum Inc. “Working together we can leverage our insight into leadership, management, and the Scrum process to fundamentally change how things are made.”

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