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Virtual Team Solutions:

Make Remote Work Productive, Innovative, And Focused

Remote work creates unique challenges for any organization.  But the right structure, system, and tools turn that challenge into an opportunity. We have successfully partnered with organizations large and small to make remote work a competitive advantage.

What Remote Workers Need To Succeed

The workflow of many organizations is defined by the colocation created in a shared office space. When that proximity is no longer an option, those processes break down. Leadership and members of distributed teams need a new mindset for remote employees to become high-performing. New working norms, communication pathways, and tools are required. When the right systems are in place, innovation, productivity, and collaboration will thrive.

With the right system, distributed teams can be as productive as traditional teams. When leadership properly enables remote workers, organizations become more agile, adaptable, and successful. Distributed teams and remote work has been a growing trend for years. The rapid rise in COVID-19 has accelerated this trend. Your virtual team of remote employees can effectively become a competitive advantage for you and your organization.

Align on vision and priorities

To continue delivering value to customers, organizations need effective and transparent information radiators that ensure remote workers and teams stay aligned on organizational goals and supporting priorities.

Build the right system

From individual team working agreements and processes to coordinating outputs across an enterprise, remote work requires some changes to your organization’s infrastructure in order to be effective.

better Communication Pathways

There is only so much that can be accomplished over the phone or through email. For remote teams to become high-performing a new mix of informal and formal communication is needed. This new way of communicating will help remote workers focus, innovate, and deliver.

empower remote Collaboration

Transparent, clear, and accessible backlog items, tools and processes that allow remote workers to swarm, shared context and understanding of what everyone is doing and why. These are what allow remote teams to be as productive as those that are colocated.

Remove roadblocks

To unlock the potential of remote workers you must identify and remove the impediments to their success. This requires inspection and adaptation of processes and tools. Productivity will soar if these roadblocks are quickly surfaced and removed. If left to linger then quality and output will suffer.

Our Proven Process

Step 1: Remote Snapshot

We work with your virtual teams to provide an assessment of your current stressors and remote integration environment  We then host a kickoff meeting to share back key findings of gaps and solutions based on our leading practices established across multiple industries.

Step 3: Distributed Team Launch

We partner with your remote teams to develop specific processes and working agreements which enable their success. We also help surface and remove roadblocks to that success.

Step 2: Build The Foundations For Success

After gaining an understanding of your current workflow, we partner with you to build the right systems and supporting processes and pick the right tools to enable your remote teams to collaborate, align, focus and produce.

Step 4: Virtual Coaching

Good coaching is essential for sustained success. We provide office hours and other remote coaching and consulting as needed to ensure your organization has what it needs to thrive. 

Better results. starting now. 

From Fortune 50 companies to start-ups and nonprofits, Scrum Inc. has a proven track record of successfully empowering our clients to thrive by adapting to fast-changing market demands and conditions. Our consultants, trainers, and coaches are established thought leaders with extensive experience in a broad range of industries.


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