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Verify Scrum Inc. Certified Students

The students listed on this page have been certified by Scrum Inc. in their area of study.
At Scrum Inc. students receive training from the source. Our founder is the co-founder of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland. Jeff and his carefully selected team of trainers travel the globe coaching some of the top teams and industry leaders in the world. As such, the training our students receive is informed by the latest research and thinking based on real-world experience. Our students receive the most advanced and up-to-date thinking in the agile community.

Looking to verify a Certified Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Product Owner? We provide this training but the testing and certification is managed by the Scrum Alliance. Visit the Scrum Alliance website to verify a CSM or CSPO student.

Certified Backlog Refinement Practitioner

Peter Chen
Rebecca Cyr
Stephen Daukas
Tammy Debord
Joe DeLisle
Paul Duncan
Alex Dunfey
Matthew Durgin
Sammie Ginger
Fouad Hallal
Ian Hatcher
Lisa Hennessy
Nishanth Hydru
Darin Kalashian
Vikram Kumar
Matthew Longley
Maria Machlowska
Neil McCann
Michael Mckechnie
Susi Melendez
Pawan Misra
Ben Muise
Richard Natoli
Amber Olsen
Tom Olsen
Jim Plummer
Dimitri Poustovalov
Bruce Rabe
Gasreth Richards
John Saywell
Wadah Sayyed
David Slaten
Kevin Snow
Samantha Timpano
Bryan Toth
Michael Toth
Fred Vahdati
Glenn Virball
Scott Von Rhee

Licensed Agile Coach

September 24th-28th
Alison Chapin
Ana Bardoneschi
Anna Davis
Citizen Sigmund
Dennis Bellavance
Edward Dennison
Euvin Naidoo
Jerry Inberg
Mario Joussen
Mohammad Omar Nishtar
Paula Kvedaras
Ryan Smart
March 4th-5th
Andrew Zahnle
Aruna Jegannathan
Dan Worlton
George Tome
Gustavo Furtado
Hemalatha Sankaran
Jennifer Weber
Johnathan Spence
Mark Nelson
Michelle Horn
Ravindra Sudhindra
Reena Isaac Joseph
Tara Flynn
Wendy Belling

Scrum in Hardware - Train the Trainer

Holger Dierssen
Maria Matarelli
Mike Leber
Victoria Hall
Chuck Stakston
Chris Wallace
Allen Jones
Diane Adams
Christian Antoine
Christian Antoine
Peter Borsella
Robin Dymond
Thomas Friend
Dennis Heine
Thorben Höpke
Don MacIntyre
Brian Rivera
Ade Shokoya
Helene Valadon
Simon Bennett
Mark Buckner
Madhu Expedith
Markus Gaertner
Rashed Iqbal
Alexis La Joie
Pierluigi Pugliese
James Smith
Hubert Smits
Lonnie Weaver-Johnson
About Scrum in Hardware: Train the Trainer

Student with this certification are professional Scrum coaches and trainers who have, or are actively pursuing, their Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) or Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) applications. Scrum in Hardware (eXtreme Manufacturing or XM) is one of the newest Agile methodologies. It leverages Scrum, eXtreme Programming, and Object-Oriented Architecture to enable both rapid prototyping and full scale manufacturing in hardware. Certificate holders are taught first hand by the leading authority on Scrum in Hardware: Joe Justice.

About Certified Backlog Refinement Practitioner

Our Certified Backlog Refinement Practitioner training teaches student how to improve team velocity through precise and transparent development of “ready” backlog items. They leave the class with the ability to define and refine backlog items across the 7 Product Dimensions, prioritize user stories, and prepare for value-based planning. By using the product’s vision to drive Structured Conversations, our students optimize the value in the product backlog, exemplifying the core of Lean and Agile practices.

About Licensed Agile Coach

Licensed Agile Coaches have completed our five day Licensed Agile Coach workshop. They understand how to create and sustain high performance both at the team and enterprise level. They have been taught techniques to improve team autonomy and accountability through a better understanding of their own coaching style and advanced facilitation methods.

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