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Scrum Team Coach

Our mission at Scrum Inc. is to fundamentally change the way the world gets work done.  We provide training, consulting, and coaching to help companies create more productive and happier workplaces. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies who use Scrum to reinvent the way they deliver products, shape their organization, and drive stakeholder value.

A Scrum Team Coach works with our veteran trainers to help organizations train teams, launch teams, and optimize their Scrum.  The best coaches embody the Scrum values while relentlessly inspiring continuous improvement within the teams or organizations they support. He or she listens, galvanizes, counsels, motivates, influences, and celebrates – but most importantly, the Scrum Coach encourages collaboration – so that they can deliver value quickly or fail fast and learn in the process.  Sound like fun?

Interested in this job?

Send us your resume and cover letter.

You have:

  • A mindset consistent with the Scrum Core Values: openness, courage, respect, focus, commitment
  • A desire to use help our clients use deep thinking and collaboration to help solve complex problems at both the team and organizational levels
  • Fun getting your hands dirty and attacking impediments head-on whether they are interpersonal or organizational.
  • You are inspired and inspiring, strive to be fearless, and you love to enable those around you to succeed
  • Strong presentation skills and you can explain anything to anyone.
  • Passion for continuous improvement and are constantly looking for ways to build your Scrum knowledge
  • Spent 2 or more years as a Scrum Master or Team Coach
  • Defined methods for facilitating a learning process for professionals
  • Understanding of the patterns and anti-patterns that lead to successful Scrum Teams
  • Freedom to travel post-COVID, including internationally, sometimes up to 90% but with most weekends at home. Currently, all of our engagements are being held virtually.
  • The ability to contribute to learnings through blogs, white papers, and videos
  • Ability to co-train classes of up to 50 people for 2-4 days

We have:

  • Opportunities to work with the best most experienced Scrum teams on the planet at the company led by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum
  • Training for you to gain several Scrum credentials – Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum@Scale – plus strong mentorship and opportunities to ensure your growth never ends
  • Interesting global clients with complex problems who need our help to mobilize and disrupt
  • Generous pay and benefits (health, dental, vacation, retirement, etc.), professional development opportunities and company-based profit sharing
  • Awesome team members who care about each other

What we would do together:

  • In the beginning, we will provide tons of co-training and pairing opportunities to give a strong introduction to all aspects of how our business works – including training, coaching best practices, sales, marketing and our client base.
  • Once you are road-ready, you’ll join our embedded transformation teams, shadowing our consultants, and eventually becoming a full-fledged Scrum Coach within our clients’ organizations. This will require lots of deployment to our clients locations as a Scrum Master for the transformation team.
  • In the long term, you would rotate between the field and our office. Our goal for you is to  become someone amazingly capable of handling small and large enterprise transformations by building up teams from the inside.
  • Work with some of the most influential and innovative organizations in the world
  • Have fun while bringing real Scrum to the world, not just in America and not just in software

Scrum, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to diversity. Our goal as a company is to help the entire world work better across cultures, countries, and industries. As a company we believe that creating an open and inclusive environment that is welcoming to all is a key to achieving that goal.

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