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Scrum Gathering 2018 Kicks Off With Exciting Announcement About Scrum@Scale

Great partnerships just make sense from the very beginning. And that is how we feel about the new joint venture between the Scrum Alliance and Scrum@Scale.

Announced at the sold-out 2018 Scrum Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the partnership will focus on training, coaching and promoting Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s framework for Agile transformation via scaling Scrum across entire organizations.

Classes for both trainers and practitioners have been underway for some time and the numbers of both continue to grow. We have upcoming classes everywhere from Boston and Bogota, to Charlotte, Copenhagen, Minneapolis, and more. You can find a list and register for classes at

You can also learn more about Scrum@Scale by exploring our case study library and reading the Scrum@Scale guide. For more on the announced joint venture can be found in our press release.

Read the Press Release for more details.


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