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Licensed Scrum Program


Interested in becoming a Licensed Scrum Trainer?

Are you committed to the Scrum Values? Are you a seasoned trainer with experience implementing true Scrum? Do you do more than train? Do you practice Scrum?


"My mission is and has always been to spread Scrum around the world. To free people from the incredible life-draining system they are working under.

We are at a pivotal point in time when the world's largest organizations are finally realizing that their way of working doesn’t work. They must change and are looking to do so by “going agile”, often without the empirically driven practices that deliver results.

The Scrum community must provide the tools and know-how for them to transform successfully because if they try to transform at scale and fail, Scrum will be associated with that failure and will be “just another management fad”. That cannot happen.

The Licensed Scrum program is designed to provide individuals and organizations with a clear path to implementing Scrum in a way that drives immediate business results and will ensure that Scrum has a lasting transformative impact on the world.

Our Licensed Scrum curriculum teaches how we actually deliver twice the work in half the time in organizations around the globe. Scrum Inc. classes include Lean principles, patterns from the Scrum Pattern Language movement, and lessons from real-world implementations of Scrum@Scale.

We teach these techniques because they work, not just in theory but in practice. They have been proven across thousands of implementations.

We began a pilot of the Licensed Scrum program in Japan several years ago at the specific request of KDDI, one of the largest companies in Japan. Our real goal there is to bring the world’s third largest economy, out of the malaise it has been in for thirty years, an effort that Professor Nonaka requested of us in 2011. This is the scale of impact we’d like this program to have. Can we change the fate of a country?"

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