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[Webinar] Why Use Scrum: How to Double the Outcomes of Your Nonprofit in Half the Time

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About Webinar

In this FREE pre-recorded webinar Scrum Inc Principal Trainer, Avi Schneier, and nonprofit expert and consultant, Diane H. Leonard, discuss what the Scrum framework is. They share how utilizing the Scrum framework in your nonprofit will significantly improve the way you work. 

Whether your team is focused on fundraising, grant writing, program development, organizational management, or strategic planning, this webinar is for you! 

Why Scrum in Nonprofits?

Nonprofits are the organizations that fuel positive change in our world today. With a goal of creating powerful missions which empower communities to take action, it only makes sense that Scrum Inc. is driven to enable these inspiring teams to achieve twice the amount of positive change in half the time. 

Along with our partners at Diane H. Leonard Consulting, we have created an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to harness the Scrum framework and understand the value it can bring to their teams. Starting with this free webinar, we hope to spread Scrum knowledge and patterns throughout the nonprofit community to achieve our mission of making the working world a better, more productive place. 

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