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Better Results.
Starting Now.

 Business Leaders. Thought Leaders. Real-world case studies. How to use Agile and Scrum to make your organization thrive in the modern market. 


Latest Episode

How To Be Agile (In More Than Name Only)

In our first episode, we examine what it takes for an organization to truly be Agile – and how Scrum gets you there. Then, JJ Sutherland walks us through how an organization’s structure defines its culture, products and more.

Case Study: Breaking Through a Surgical Barrier – How a hospital used Scrum to significantly reduce the “wheels out – wheels in” time of their operating rooms.

Guests: Henrik Kniberg (co-creator of ‘The Spotify Model’), Kevin Ball (Scrum Inc. consultant)


Resource: The Agile Manifesto

Episode 1    |    26min

What You Can Expect

Each episode of Better Results. Starting Now. is built around a real-world case study featured in The Scrum Fieldbook. We will delve into the details – not just the why and what, but how an organization landed a complex project, successfully launched a product or used Scrum to transform into a truly Agile enterprise. 

We’ll interview business leaders who champion the right kind of change, and thought leaders from around the world who bring that change to life. 


Meet The Hosts

Tom Bullock

Tom Bullock

Scrum Inc. Chief Storyteller, Host

J.J. Sutherland

J.J. Sutherland

CEO, Author, Consultant

TOM BULLOCK: Tom is the Chief Storyteller at Scrum Inc. and the host of Better Results. Starting Now. When he’s not podcasting he’s working with clients and partners to create case studies and other content. Before joining Scrum, Tom spent 20 years in public radio where he served in roles as varied as NPR’s Baghdad Bureau Chief and Senior Supervising Producer of NPR’s 2016 Election coverage. 


JJ SUTHERLAND: JJ is the CEO of Scrum Inc., the leading provider of Scrum training and consulting worldwide. JJ has personally trained thousands of people and helped companies large and small accelerate innovation, quickly adapt, and help them see their capability to change the world they live in. He is the co-author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. His newest book is The Scrum Fieldbook: A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results, and Defining the Future.

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