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Agile Testing

This webinar covers the rigorous development and testing practices used by the fastest Scrum teams. Using real world examples gathered from years of experience, Scrum Inc.’s Joe Justice and Agile42's Dave Sharrock explain how to implement both practical and powerful Agile testing practices.

Estimated time for this course: 90 Minutes
Audience: Advanced
Suggested PrerequisitesScrum Framework, Definition of Done, User Stories

Upon completion you will understand:

  • Best practices for DevTest as well as Test Driven Development or TDD
  • The latest thinking on unit, integration, regression, and user testing
  • Gated Check-in and Rapid Role Back in hardware and software
  • Tooling for Agile testing
  • How to implement and manage Agile testing
  • Qualify  for Scrum Alliance SEUs and PMI PDUs. See FAQ for details




Agile Testing Overview:

Testing is critical to release products. Yet the stories of catastrophic project failures due to inadequate testing are legendary. comes to mind as just one very public example. Traditionally, testing has been seen as separate from development, something that is done after the work is complete. Scrum highlights the sometimes painful reality that nothing is done unless it is tested and potentially shippable. An Agile Testing environment requires a shift in mindset by managers, developers, and testers themselves.

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