Before the Scrum Inc. Assessment team visits your facility, we want to learn as much as possible about your Scrum. Pre-visit contact usually begins with our Pre-Visit Data Packet, which asks for basic information about the locations, teams, and team members being assessed. We will ask you to supply a sample backlog, any metrics being tracked, and an organization chart showing the formal structure and reporting lines. The Assessment then kicks-off with a pre-visit call with the sponsors of the SCA to understand their goals, motivations, and concerns about implementing Agile practices.   

The core of our SCA, the On-Site Visit, requires a minimum of two days and traditionally the Visit has five distinct elements: Leadership Meeting, Introduction to the Teams, Scrum Master and Product Owner Interviews, Team Observation, and Wrap-Up.

Leadership Meeting –  To kick off the Assessment, the Scrum Inc. Assessment team will meet with the leadership of the organization to explain what to expect during the On-Site Visit and the SCA Report. There will also be time for Q&A and to discuss the leadership’s goals for the SCA.  

Introduction to the Teams – This is an opportunity to Introduce Scrum Inc. and the assessment. In keeping with the Scrum principle of transparency, and we use this meeting to show that there is no hidden agenda, answer any questions, and assuage any anxiety teams may feel. 

Scrum Master and Product Owner Interviews – Over the course of the visit, Scrum Inc. will have one-on-one discussions with all Scrum Masters and Product Owners to talk about their particular Scrum, how they execute the key Scrum practices and meetings, and their interpretation of how Scrum supports the organization’s goals and objectives.

Team Observation – Between the meetings, the Scrum Inc. team will observe the teams working and interacting in the wild.  At a minimum, this will include observing all of the key Scrum meetings: Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. 

Wrap-Up – At the end of the on-site visit Scrum Inc. will meet with the assessment sponsors and relevant leadership to share preliminary findings.

The SCA Report takes one-to-two weeks after the On-Site Visit to prepare. It is delivered in PDF and we suggest a meeting with the SCA sponsor to discuss the findings.   There are four components to the SCA report: Key Strengths; Top Opportunities for Improvement; Metrics; Potential Business Value.  To learn more about what our SCA Report contains, contact us or view a sample report here. 

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The SCA is designed to measurably improve productivity and quality of work and products.


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