Scrum Inc. trains, coaches and mentors organizations around the world through its strong partner network.

Each partner has worked closely with Scrum Inc. on implementations and is qualified to bring the benefits of Scrum to your organization. Our partners include:

Gabrielle Benefield, Evolve Beyond and Scrum Foundation (UK)

Gabrielle works with Scrum Inc. at the Scrum Foundation and teaches courses in London.

Pete Deemer, GoodAgile and Scrum Foundation (Singapore)

Pete works with Scrum Inc. at the Scrum Foundation. Pete is the leading trainer in India and is a partner for Scrum Inc.’s clients with divisions in Asia.

Jens Ostergaard, Agile Development Limited and Scrum Foundation (Isle of Man)

Jens works with Scrum Inc. at the Scrum Foundation and teaches courses in Europe.

Brent Barton and Chris Sterling (Seattle, WA)

Scrum Inc. has called on Brent and Chris to assist with large-scale Agile roll-outs.

Scott Downey, Rapid Scrum (Los Angeles, CA)

Scott works with Scrum Inc. in California and has authored several papers with Scrum Inc. including, “Scrum Metrics” and “Shock Therapy”. Scott is a brilliant Agile coach, coaching teams at MySpace to a “hyperproductive” state.

Catherine Louis, CLL Group (Raleigh, NC)

Catherine works with Scrum Inc. and teaches courses across the US.  She specializes in Agile transitions and has a very practical, hands-on approach to getting teams started with Scrum.

Sanjiv Augustine and Arlen Bankston, Lithespeed (Washington DC)

Lithespeed is an organizational training partner with Scrum Inc. and has helped with the transformations for several clients. They are able to deliver long-term support and coaching.

Kent Johnson, Agile Digm (Florida)

Kent co-authored a paper with Scrum Inc. on CMMI and Scrum for Agile 2010 and has developed a one-day course on how CMMI and Scrum can leverage each other in large organizations.

Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrikson

Ron and Chet are Certified Scrum trainers and Extreme Programming (XP) gurus.

Henrik Kniberg, Crisp AB (Sweden)

Henrik is an Agile and Lean Author, Speaker, Consultant and Trainer.

Mitch Lacey, Mitch Lacey & Associates (Seattle, WA)

Mitch works with Scrum Inc. and teaches courses across the US and Europe.

Jim York, FoxHedge (Leesburg, VA)

Jim has worked with Scrum Inc. on numerous Agile roll-outs.

Mike Beedle, Enterprise Scrum (Chicago, IL)

Mike was one of the 17 signatories of the Agile Manifesto in 2001.

OpenView Venture Partners (Boston, MA)

Scrum Inc. is a Senior Advisor to OpenView. 

Joe Little, Kitty Hawk Consulting (New York, NY and Charlotte, NC)

Joe has worked with Scrum Inc and teaches Scrum certification classes in the US.

Dan LeFebvre, DCL Agility (Boston, MA)

Dan provides agile and Scrum coaching, training, and transition services.

Hubert Smits, SmitsMC (Boulder, CO)

Hubert is an Agile Consultant, Coach and Trainer.

Jim Coplien (Denmark)

A founder of the Pasteur Organizational Patterns Project, Jim is a pioneer in Scrum and Agile methodologies. He has written several books on design and programming, including his most recent Lean Architecture for Agile Software Development.

tl_files/scrum_inc/layout_images/systematic_logo_corpblue_rgb_200p.gifSystematic (Denmark)

Systematic A/S is an experienced practitioner of Scrum, Lean, and CMMI in the delivery of products, projects, and services within the Defense, Healthcare, Public Sector, and Intelligence & National Security business areas.

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