Writing User Stories

User Stories are Product Backlog Items that are concise and clear descriptions of functionality in terms of its value to the end user. The User Story always takes the form:

"As a ______ I want to ___________ so that I can ______."

Our experience has shown that when a Teams master producing clear, independent, and achievable User Stories their Velocity generally doubles. Scrum Inc. believes compelling User Stories are so powerful that we are developing a series of online courses to help you improve the quality of your team’s stories.

 This series will feature tips and tricks for writing powerful writing stories that:

    • Describe independently valuable functionality
    • Descriptive enough without being excessively prescriptive
    • Estimated and sized to be completed within a single sprint
    • Can be tested for success efficiently at sprint’s end

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One Response to “Writing User Stories”

  1. Lawrence Rich says:

    The audio portion of course was very bad and made it difficult to hear and understand the content. The slides were very blurry which made it difficult to read the content on the slides. The content was a bit too high-level to really be helpful in understanding how to write good user stories. I would have preferred going through a well thought out example of a bad user story being converted into a good user story. I do not believe material presented matched the course outline. I would not recommend that others send an hour on this course.

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