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Scrum can be a powerful transformational tool within your organization, but it is not always easy to implement correctly. Without focus and continuous improvement its potential can’t be fully realized. Ultimately, the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team need to own the continuous improvement of their own Scrum, but sometimes it helps to have access to the support and independent perspective of a Scrum expert.

Scrum Inc. offers three different types of consulting and coaching services that cover the lifecycle from helping a new Scrum team get started down the right path, through helping a team struggling with a particularly difficult challenge, to taking a successful team to the next level.

On-Site Strategic Consulting

For companies needing assistance adapting Scrum to meet new or novel applications, where there is a strong emphasis on customization and linking Scrum methods to business goals and strategy. Engagement length and description is defined clearly ahead of time and time is billed in daily increments, plus expenses.

Remote Coaching/Consulting Support

Available ad hoc support with specific questions or process issues or Scrum concepts, offered remotely using teleconferences, video-conferencing, or collaborative document development.  Specific requests can be made as little as one week ahead of time, and time is billed in hourly increments.

On-site implementation Coaching

As needed on-site support specifically with helping companies launch or expand a Scrum implementation – the focus is on the mechanics of successfully executing the Scrum process.  Scrum Inc. often provides this support through our network of trusted business partners, and time is billed in hourly increments.

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