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Extreme Manufacturing Yellow Belt Class

Extreme Manufacturing Yellow Belt Class

Accelerate all of your company with Joe Justice, the creator of eXtreme Manufacturing. Together we will practice with attendees how to set up new teams, collaborate with remote teams, stay in sync across a wide portfolio of backlogs, and work as cross functional teams with generalizing specialists. We’ll get technical too, with Test First Design for non-software and software work, Contract First Design, and Object Oriented Architecture for rapid innovation work.

This session is perfect fit for software practitioners, those new to Agile methods who may benefit from a hands-on example, and those looking for concrete practices to apply Agile beyond software delivery teams, such as leadership, HR, finance, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and research.

Join Joe for a full day tutorial at Agile Testing Days on Monday November 10, 2014. Click here to register.

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“Scrum” Book Tour Events

Scrum Book Cover

Silicon Valley 10/7
Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network presents:
Disruptive Leadership: The Power of Scrum


Atlanta 10/13
VersionOne presents:
An Agile Community Event with Jeff Sutherland, co-Creator of Scrum


London 10/21-22
BBC World Service – Business Daily
Sky News – Ian King Live
Monocle Radio – The Entrepreneurs


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Scrum Alliance, Scrum Inc., Endorse The Scrum Guide

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland the co-Creators of Scrum and authors of the Scrum Guide

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland the co-Creators of Scrum

Scrum Inc. is pleased to join Scrum Alliance and in announcing a new website that will be the new home of the Scrum Guide.

From the Press Release:

Scrum Alliance,, and Scrum Inc. announce the release and joint endorsement of a new community website, The new website is the official source of “The Scrum Guide, The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game.”

Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber created Scrum and authored “The Scrum Guide” to ensure Scrum remains true to its core principles and values.

“The Scrum Guide is the canonical definition of Scrum. Ken and I have worked closely together for decades to keep it simple, clear, and, in the true spirit of Scrum, to include only what is absolutely necessary,” says Sutherland CEO of Scrum Inc. “Scrum is a powerful tool to radically increase productivity. Every implementation of Scrum is different, as teams and organizations apply it within their context, but the fundamental framework always remains the same. For Scrum Alliance,, and Scrum Inc. to come together to recognize the central place the Scrum Guide holds will provide clarity to the hundreds of thousands of Scrum practitioners across the planet.”

The explosive growth of people and organizations using Scrum in recent years has led to some market confusion as to the precise definition of Scrum. The preeminent certifying bodies, Scrum Alliance and, coming together in support of a common definition of Scrum is a win for Scrum practitioners around the world.

“The pieces of Scrum are carefully fit to each other to yield the best possible results. This has taken years for Jeff and myself to achieve. Watch for new versions as we continue to refine,” said Ken Schwaber, founder of

“It’s time for convergence in the Scrum community,” said’s operations chief David Starr.  “Giving this clear explanation of Scrum clarifies the framework for the entire industry. We are pleased to support a shared and unambiguous source of truth defined by Scrum’s creators.”

Carol McEwan, Scrum Alliance Managing Director said, “This makes the most sense for the Scrum community.  The Scrum Guide is based on the principles of which Scrum was founded. It offers Scrum practitioners worldwide a common standard and understanding of the foundations of Scrum. This collaboration adds real value and can only benefit everyone practicing, or considering practicing Scrum.”

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Jeff at EMC

Jeff at EMC

Last week, Jeff visited the storage giant EMC, a long time Scrum Inc. friend. He delivered the third iteration of his TedX Talk. The talk is a synopsis of the divergent experiences that helped Jeff create the first Scrum team at Easel in 1993 and is based on his new book, Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. The presentation was extremely well received. In fact, Jeff has been invited back to inspire more EMC teams soon.

You can download the EMC Slides and watch the original talk here.

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