Agile Architecture

A key practice in Scrum is to deliver small slices of functionality each Sprint. These slices need to encompass every layer of a system, from what the customer sees to the darkest corners of the backend. This even includes the architecture itself. For architects used to working in a waterfall context this can seem impossible. “How can you develop architecture piece-by-piece? The entire purpose of architecture is to design the way the whole system hangs together. You can’t do that in iterations.”

It takes a change in mindset to do it, but Agile Architecture speeds-up development and innovation. The co-creator of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland, and the founder of Team WIKISPEED, Joe Justice, two of the industry’s thought leaders in this area, explain how it all works in this on-line course.

Using concrete, real world examples they cover:

    •  The Principles Behind Using Scrum For Architecture
    •  Implementing Agile Architecture in Software
    •  Applying Agile Architecture Practices to Hardware
    •  The Benefits and Costs of Modular Design
    •  How to Organize an Architecture Team in an Agile Company
    •  Architecture and Technical Debt
    •  Scaled Architecture

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One Response to “Agile Architecture”

  1. Tammie Weeks says:

    To: Joe Justice
    From: Tammie Weeks

    Joe, Chet Hendrickson taught my Scrum Master Training Class in Grand Rapids MI. He suggested I get in touch with you…. I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Dematic Inc.. We are mainly an Engineer to Order Environment, heavy in Engineering and software development, and build/manufacture conveyance solutions systems to a global logistical supply chain.
    I see the need for certain Lean tools in our planning up front, before our Scrum Teams deploy, or maybe even built into our processes – because my teams won’t be developing software.
    My question is: How would I incorporate the LEAN philosophy into a SCRUM environment? Is it possible? And if so, do you have classes available on this, or do you have information we could purchase regarding how to merge these two things successfully?

    Thank you,
    Tammie Weeks
    Sr. Project Mgr – Process Excellence
    Dematic Inc.
    cell: 616-799-4415

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