Agile Conference 2013 – Nashville – Patterns

For several years now, the Scrum Patterns group ( has evolved patterns seen repeatedly in Scrum that solve critical problems. I’ve worked on a small pattern language that, when properly implemented,

gets a team off to a good start and will take an experienced team Hyper-Productive. These patterns are like the standard plays that make a good football team great.

The pattern language keys off a discovery by our venture group after they implemented Scrum everywhere and ran hundreds of sprints. The data showed that teams that finished the sprint early accelerated faster. The investors said, “It’s not about velocity, it is about acceleration!” Very counterintuitive to a board member.

We tested this concept in multiple companies and found it to be generally true. Teams that can finish sprints cleanly improve faster. So we then focused on what major things teams do that cause them to fail sprints. The pattern language systematically removes the major blocks that prevent teams from succeeding. Aggressively practiced they have shown a clear path to hyperproductivity. One hardware company I have been implementing this with recently delivered a new hardware product to the market bug free. In a hundred years of company history they had never done that. So quality as well as speed is enhanced.

Scrum was designed to be fast, easy, and fun. To often I find Scrum Masters who experience it as slow, hard, and painful. The remedy is this pattern language. The patterns outlined in this presentation are further explored in ScrumLab, my on-line Scrum library. The paper is attached below.


Jeff Sutherland

Watch the Session:

Sutherland Agile2013 Stalwart Session.m4v

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