Companies implement Scrum and Agile practices to beat the competition.  And they usually do, because the average Scrum implementation delivers a 35% increase in productivity. But Scrum is a poorly kept secret and your competition is once again nipping at your heels. What now?

Our answer is simple: improve your Scrum.   

A 35% increase in velocity is nothing to dismiss, but it should be just the start. Most of the Scrum teams we observe achieve less than 25% of their potential. Every underperforming team has a unique set of impediments holding it back, but all share the mistake of thinking they are “good enough.”  By routinely inspecting and improving their Scrum, the best teams in the world achieve an average velocity gain of 750%. Don’t let your Scrum tread water and your competition get ahead. 

So what’s holding yours back?

Our Scrum Capability Assessment (SCA) will tell you, and tell you what to do about it.  The SCA examines your company’s Agile practices from top to bottom and produces a frank report on the state of your Scrum. The post-visit report features:

  • a prioritized list of top opportunities for improvement
  • detailed suggestions on how to begin improving
  • an estimate of the incremental business value that can be achieved by improving each area

The process is minimally disruptive and takes as little as two days of observation. Check out the links on the right to learn more about our Scrum Capability Assessment. 


Get Results

The SCA is designed to measurably improve productivity and quality of work and products.


Process Overview

Sample Report


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